Make A Difference

Who We Are

Changing Lives Together, Inc. is a Christian, charitable, non-profit organization located in Folsom, CA. Our mission is to provide sustainable economic development, through humanitarian projects, to alleviate poverty for impoverished communities of rural Ghana. In doing so, we share God’s love by serving people in practical ways. This enables us to present the gospel of Jesus Christ in a tangible form to these precious people.

Who We Help

CLT’s humanitarian work is focused in rural Ghana. In 2006, CLT adopted a village with an approximate population of 10,000 (Suma Ahenkro) in the Jaman North District as a result of the great need we witnessed first-hand in the village. CLT is focused on creating sustainable systems to provide this village with the tools they need, to carry on the fight against poverty. Once that is established, CLT will move on to the next village in the District. The Jaman North District comprises 23 villages and towns with an approximate total population of 80,000 people. The conditions prevailing in most of these villages is very similar from village to village. Average household incomes are less than $2 a day and average household sizes are 6-8 people. There is a great need for healthcare assistance in Suma Ahenkro and the entire District. Currently 1 in 20 people die as a result of treatable sicknesses. The only District Hospital, a few miles from Suma Ahenkro, has only one Medical Doctor, serving a population of approximately 80,000 people. Additionally, the facility lacks basic yet critical medical equipment for diagnosing and treating patients. Some examples of equipment needs include the following: patient monitors, ECG machine, X-ray and Ultrasound machine. The situation is very dire. A large number of schools in most of the villages are in dire need of equipment and infrastructure improvements. Some of the classroom buildings are extremely dilapidated and unsafe. Some classrooms built for a capacity of 40 students, currently have 100 students cramped in. Power supply is very unreliable and intermittent, impacting schools’ operations and schedules. Consequently, the academic performance of the students is largely impacted. There are also needs for potable water wells to be installed to curb the high incidence of water borne disease which have been proven to have significant fatal consequences on children. Most of these communities also need sanitation systems for waste treatment.

How We Help

CLT utilizes the village adoption model in reaching out through International Programs.

The village adoption model enables CLT Inc to utilize a master plan approach to achieve the following:

  • Provide a sustained presence in a specific location and thereby allows us the time to follow through all programs to successful completion.
  • Allows us to phase implementation of programs. We are able to prioritize and execute programs based on a prioritized plan
  • Provides for continuity and effectiveness and produces tangible and measurable results. These results allow CLT to establish target metrics’ for measuring completeness and impacts of programs, and allow us to transition and move on from one village to the next.
  • We form very strong, life long personal bonds with the community.

CLT’s work seeks to bring an integrated approach to provide sustainable solutions that empowers these communities to fight and alleviate poverty and to produce improved living conditions.

Who Can Help!

Anyone can help. There are many levels at which you can participate. Whether you are an individual looking to make a difference in the life of a child or family, a team or organization looking to partner with us in executing one our scheduled humanitarian projects or looking to Adopt-A-Project or Sponsor-a-Child, we welcome your assistance.

Please navigate our programs and projects throughout the site and see how you may help make a difference.  Please CONTACT US with any questions or concerns. Thank You!