Current Projects

The Fountain Care Hospital in Ghana was established in 2011 and serves a wide range of Districts and communities such as; Jaman South District, the Banda District, the Tain District and some communities in Ivory Coast.
The Hospital provides pediatric, surgical, obstetrics and gynecological and general medicine services. Maternal and child health is one of the main priority areas of healthcare for this facility, however significant constraints due to lack of basic equipment, constraints their ability to administer the necessary services. On several occasions, the staff are compelled to refer mothers and babies requiring critical care, to other health care facilities, a distance of over 120 miles.
The Neonatal ICU project will provide equipment to fully furnish the hospitals ICU to allow the staff to adequately care for babies that need critical care. Currently neonatal deaths in the BA Region is high (44 per 1000 live births).

The Bomaa Boarding School, was built in 1983 and is located in the Brong Ahafo Region in Ghana. Total student enrollment is 400 and approximately 150 to 200 students live on campus. Many buildings on campus are in very bad condition and require significate repair. The current kitchen that serves the cafeteria is completely dilapidated and very unsanitary but is still utilized for food preparation, putting the health of the children at risk. This project will provide a new concrete building to serve as the kitchen.

Inadequate facilities result in the high maternal and infant mortality rates, observed in this area. In rural Ghana the maternal mortality rate is 700 (IRIN 2008), per 100,000 live births compared to a rate of 13 per 100,000 live births in the U.S. (UNICEF 2010). This project focuses on raising funds to provide and install the facilities described in Projects 1 & 2 following. The goal is to reduce the maternal and infant mortality rates and also to provide adequate and reliable surgical intervention to address the huge backlog of surgical needs that currently cannot be supported by this facility.

Project: Upgrade 2 Operating Rooms

Currently, there is only one operating room (with very limited and obsolete equipment) being utilized by the hospital. The second operating room has no anesthesia machine and therefore has been shut down. All the surgical cases in the entire District (of 80,000 people) are supported by a single inadequately equipped operating room. This project focuses on upgrading both ORs with essential equipment required in to be in place for each OR to be fully functional.

Upgrades include providing lighting modifications, operating beds, mobile programmable ventilator with monitor, infusion pump, crash/resuscitation cart, suction machine, anesthesia machine, acute care physiologic monitoring system, pulse oximeter and delivery/caesarean section sets.

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