Current Projects

There is no full service Cardiovascular Heart Disease (CHD) facility in the Northern half of Ghana (i.e. the Brong Ahafo, Northern, Upper East and Upper West Regions), and the resulting impacts of not having these services can be potentially fatal. Therefore, CLT is working with the medical community in that part of the country, to develop a sustainable solution to address this problem.

CLT, together with one of the existing hospitals in the area, is setting up a Phase 1 cardiology diagnostics clinic facility.  The project will involve repurposing and remodeling of 5 rooms to house the clinic, purchasing equipment to furnish the facility, and staffing with medical staff to provide diagnostic cardiology services and treatment. A Phase 2 project, at a later date, will address cases requiring surgical intervention.

An Estimate of the Capital Cost for the Phase 1 Project is provided below.

3 Holter monitors and software $6,000
Exercise Stress Test Machine $5,000
ECG machine & Leads $2,000
Echocardiogram machine $30,000
Backup Generator $10,000
Portable Lab Equipment $3,000
Software $1,000
Computers, Monitors, printers $1,500
Installation/Startup & Testing $5,000
Shipping/Handling/Clearing $7,000
Subtotal $70,500
Remodeling of 5 Rooms (Labor/Materials) $15,000
Contingency/Insurance Etc
Mobilization/Demobilization/        Bonds & Insurance/Contingency $15,000


The Fountain Care Hospital in Ghana was established in 2011 and serves a wide range of Districts and communities such as; Jaman South District, the Banda District, the Tain District and some communities in Ivory Coast.
The Hospital provides pediatric, surgical, obstetrics and gynecological and general medicine services. Maternal and child health is one of the main priority areas of healthcare for this facility, however significant constraints due to lack of basic equipment, constraints their ability to administer the necessary services. On several occasions, the staff are compelled to refer mothers and babies requiring critical care, to other health care facilities, a distance of over 120 miles.
The Neonatal ICU project will provide equipment to fully furnish the hospitals ICU to allow the staff to adequately care for babies that need critical care. Currently neonatal deaths in the BA Region is high (44 per 1000 live births).

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