Completed Projects

2016 Fountain Care Hospital Neonatal ICU Equipment Project

CLT project update for funds raised from the 2016 Spring Gala Fundraiser Dinner Event: The neonatal ICU equipment has been purchased and is ready to be shipped to Ghana. This includes baby incubators, phototherapy machines, pulse oximeters, patient monitors, and infusion pumps. We are one more step closer to having a neonatal ICU at the Fountain Care Hospital (FCH) in Ghana. We are very excited and so are the MD and staff at the FCH! Thank you all for making this possible!


The Sampa District Hospital, a 90-bed facility serves a population of approximately 100.000 in the Jaman North District. The hospital has experienced very high mortality rates due to a lack of adequate equipment. The facility had very limited surgical capacity and as a result, the quality of emergency care was severely compromised. At the CLT Gala in 2015, sufficient funds were raised to provide equipment to furnish another operating room at the hospital. The project cost was $57,000.

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Before – The Need

Less than 5% of students successfully graduate from the Suma High school. This is due in part to the unreliable power source. On the average, power to the school is interrupted 50 % of the time. This impacts the ability of students to study after sunset (6pm), which is when most students have time for school work. Additionally, no computers and other equipment can be utilized during these power outages.

Project Impact

The goal of the solar power project is to increase reliability of electrical power supply to the school campus to allow students to have more time to study and to be successful in school

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) is partnering with CLT and is assisting to install a solar facility on the campus. Project is in the final stages of completion.

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Before – The Need

The village residents cannot afford eye care.
The project provided a team of optometrists who screened 1,000 patients and provided brand new eye glasses free of charge.

Project Impact

CLT partnered with Restoring Vision in San Rafael, CA, and Van J Optometrists to provide eye care for 1,000 patients free of charge. Patients were screened and provided with brand new eye glasses, free of charge, to correct reading errors. Two eye care clinics were conducted. One at the Sampa Hospital in the BA Region and the other at Atimpoku in the Eastern Region. The total number of eye glasses distributed was 1,000.

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Before – The Need

The Grobette village residents had to walk 3 to 4 miles to fetch water and this impacted quality of life greatly and impacted their health.

This community of approximately 300 residents did not have a clean water source and mostly mothers and children will walk for miles to fetched water, from sources that were unclean and not potable. CLT partnered with Living Water International (LWI) to drill a well to a depth of 50 meters. The well was then chlorinated and capped with an Afridev hand pump that produces a yield of 70 liters of safe water per minute. The community is very appreciative and grateful to have a clean water source, and finally relieved, that their children will be protected from water borne diseases. A maintenance program and hygiene program were also conducted as part of this project. Project Cost was $15,000.

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Project Impact

The well provides incredible relief and a safe drinking water source.


Before – The Need

The Sampa District Hospital is a 90 bed facility. This District Hospital serves the Jaman North District, with a population of approximately 90,000. The facility has one MD and 24 RNs. The hospital has been in desperate need of a Phototherapy Machine to assist infants born with a neonatal jaundice condition. Until the implementation of this project, jaundiced infants were transported to another healthcare facility, about an hour drive, and this was only contingent upon the phototherapy machine’s availability at the other facility, at the time of need. And in such instances, infants were placed outdoors in the sunlight, for treatment, but this process introduced the risk of exposure to all the other elements. This was very problematic, given the fragile condition of such neonates.

The Tain District Hospital, a 35 bed facility that serves the Tain District, with a population of about 120,000, had a situation, very similar to that described above. Jaundiced neonates, born at this facility, had to be driven to a medical facility about 40 minutes away for treatment. Again, with no guarantees, that the unit will be available at the time of need. The debilitating impacts on the hospital’s ability to assist such neonates, and the urgency, prompted the hospital management at both these facilities to reach out to CLT for assistance. Moms Against Poverty (MAP) provided funding to make the implementation of this project possible.

Project Impact

The installation of these 2 phototherapy units provides a very critical treatment tool for both the Sampa District and Tain Nsawkaw District Hospitals.

In just the past few weeks since the units were installed, the lives of 5 babies have been saved and the lives of many more babies will be spared, because of this project. This is as a result of the generosity of MAP.

The installation of these 2 phototherapy units provides a very critical neo-notal treatment tool for both the Sampa District and Tain Nsawkaw District Hospitals who serve a combined population of approximately 200,000 people. Prior to implementation of these projects, both hospitals had no phototherapy machines.

Neonatal Jaundice is a usually mild condition in newborns affecting up to 50% of neonates. It is easily treatable with a Neonatal Phototherapy Machine. However, without proper treatment, the condition can be elevated and at higher levels causes brain damage, leading to cerebral palsy and mental handicaps, amongst others. This project is a sure line of defense, for all the precious neo-nates in these 2 districts in Ghana, against the potential for permanent brain damage or mental handicaps, from elevated, untreated jaundiced conditions.

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2015 Book Drive for Suma High School and Elementary School

For many schools in impoverished towns and villages, obtaining school supplies is a huge challenge for school administrators. It is against this backdrop that Kweku Djan, a High School student at McClatchy High School in Sacramento, begun this drive. He visited various schools in the Sacramento area and asked for used book donations. Altogether he collected approximately 2,000 books for various subject matter area and shipped the books to Ghana. CLT assisted with getting the books to the elementary and high school campuses in Suma Ahenkro.

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2014 Water Well: CLT & Living Water International (LWI) Partnership

CLT & LWI partnered to provide a well for the Penkwase School in the Brong Ahafo Region in Ghana. The school has a student population of approximately 200 with a total of about 1,200 people living in the village community. Before the well was built, water-related illnesses such as diarrhea affected the students’ attendance and cognitive development. A potable water well, 70 meters deep with a production rate of 30 liters per minute was drilled and a new hand pump was also installed. A village water committee was trained by LWI on how to maintain and repair the hand pump. Our special thanks to LWI for this partnership.

2014 Sampa Hospital Medical Equipment

This projects goal is to improve the current survival rate from 1 in 20 patient fatalities (for treatable sicknesses) in the Jaman North District as a result of a lack of equipment. The hospital does not have a single patient monitor or ECG machine. CLT purchased and delivered two baby incubator units for the neo-natal department, and also purchased and delivered an EKG machine. The project cost $10,000. The medical staff at the facility and the District Director for Ghana Health Services are extremely grateful to CLT for providing equipment that is immediately helping them to save the lives of babies and other patients, with the improved tools they now have at their facility.

2014 Solar Energy Project

This ground breaking project involves the installation of a Solar Energy Facility including solar panels, a battery bank, inverter system and transfer switches on the Sumaman High School (SHS) Campus. This project is critical because the school campus has power only 50% of the time and has contributed to very poor academic performance (less than 5% of the students make it to tertiary institutions). CLT and SHS are partnering with Engineers without Borders (EWB) in College Park, Maryland to implement this project. The project kicked off in August 2014 with the first assessment trip which involved sourcing for materials in-country, and collecting data at the project site, including, obtaining dimensions of two school blocks that were probable locations for the solar panel installation, analyzed the structural integrity of the roofs, performed a preliminary electrical load analysis and obtained GPS coordinates of structures on the school campus

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2014 Malaria Prevention Project

This project aims at providing a sustainable first line of defense in the fight against malaria for many desperate communities in rural Ghana. Currently, Ghana’s entire population is at high risk of malaria, which has been documented to be the leading cause of death among children in Ghana. Ghana is ranked 9th in the world in terms of total malaria deaths. CLT partnered with Ghana Sacramento Foundation (GSF) and delivered 600 mosquito nets to 7 rural clinics and health care facilities in 3 Districts (the Jaman South, Tain, and Jaman North Districts). Jointly, these facilities cater to a population of 700,000 people. Most importantly is CLT’s focus to assist with the government’s efforts to provide mosquito nets for use on hospital beds. Another focus of this program, was to provide nets for the special project where pregnant women, newly born babies and children (under 5 years of age) who are seen at these clinics and do not already sleep in mosquito nets, are selected and provided with the Long Lasting Insecticides Nets to be used at home. Our goal, among other objectives, was to increase the number of this special group of patients who sleep under treated mosquito nets.

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2013 Global Outreach Mission

This mission was conducted in May/June 2013. CLT partnered with the local council of churches in Suma Ahenkro, in rural Ghana, to conduct this mission in Suma. We had the opportunity to share the gospel during 3-nights of gospel crusades (out-door tent meetings). We thank God for all those who responded and opened their hearts to accept Christ as their Lord and savior.

The new believers follow-up meeting provided the CLT team the opportunity to further share about Christ & pray with new believers. The local church council will continue to follow up with new believers.

Our team also conducted gospel presentations at the Suma High School Campus and had the opportunity to lead some of the students to Christ. We worked with the students to establish a Scripture Union (SU) Ministry on their Campus. The SU Ministry is a nationwide high school bible-based ministry that focuses on reaching students with the gospel on school campuses across the nation.

About 400 kids showed up for the kids ministry events. The attendance was truly overwhelming.
Our team visited with town folk and had one-on-one times of fellowship & prayer in their homes.
We visited the Sampa District Hospital (SDH). This was a very emotional day for our team, witnessing the need and the lack of facilities for a hospital serving the entire district.

Together, with the hospital staff, we were able to further develop, in much more detail, the phasing of the SDH Medical Project to assist the hospital.

Finally, we had the opportunity to meet with a couple of top government officials in the Region: the District Chief Executive (DCE) for the Jaman North District and the Deputy Brong Ahafo Regional Minister. The meetings were to seek avenues to collaborate with their offices in executing some of the humanitarian projects CLT is working on in the Region. The meetings went very well. We thank God for the success of this mission. Please continue to pray for the work being done in Ghana.

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2012 Eye Clinic in Suma Ahenkro

CLT, Inc., in partnership with Van-J Optical Services, conducted a 3-day Eye Clinic in Suma Ahenkro providing eye care for presbyopia patients. Approximately 250 patients were screened and received brand new eye glasses at no cost to them. In Ghana, there are currently less than 300 optometrists serving a population of over 24 million.

Presbyopia affects most adults over the age of 40. In rural areas of developing nations, those who experience the increased severity of presbyopia, have great difficulty performing some of the everyday tasks, such as sewing, knitting, cooking, winnowing grain, sorting rice, weeding, dressing children, and lighting and adjusting lamps and so on. This significantly impacts quality of life and overall productivity. Adult literacy is also impeded due to untreated presbyopia.

Eyeglasses can effectively correct presbyopia. However, in Suma Ahenkro, most residents with this condition cannot afford eye glasses. It has been established that presbyopia is the “most common cause of vision impairment and the second most common cause of blindness in the world”. This is the reason CLT Inc. is taking this ground breaking approach to address this condition with an unprecedented eye care initiative by providing eye care services to Suma Ahenkro. This is the first time, in the history of Suma Ahenkro, that a short-term eye clinic has been conducted in the village. CLT Inc. expresses our sincere thanks to Van-J Optical Services for providing the eye care professionals needed to accomplish this mission.

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2011 Classroom & Library Construction

CLT Inc., in partnership with New Life Community Church (NLCC) in Fair Oaks, CA, funded and constructed a 3-classroom blocks and a library facility at the Sumaman Senior High School in Suma Ahenkro, Ghana. The facility was constructed at a cost of $25,000.

This project was embarked upon to assist by addressing some of the failing infrastructure issues and classroom overcrowding experienced at the school.  Some classrooms, built for a student capacity of 40, had up to 100 students cramped in. Most of the school’s classroom buildings are in need of major structural repairs and, in some cases, some of the buildings need to be demolished and reconstructed to provide safe facilities for the students.

CLT Inc. staff and volunteers from NLCC traveled to Ghana in spring 2011 on a construction pre-planning trip. During this trip, our team visited and toured the School Campus, inspected a couple of proposed project site options to determine site feasibility for construction of the new facility, and planned the logistics required for the successful execution of the project. The School Principal, the District Director of Education (Jaman North District), and the Chiefs/elders of the village took our staff on a tour of the school campus.

Our team, in consultation with school administrators, selected and agreed upon the project site for the new facility to be located. CLT Inc. selected and obtained bids from a local Ghanaian Contractor during this planning trip. The contractor began construction of the facility in May 2011. In August 2011, a team of 24, comprised of CLT staff and some volunteers from NLCC, traveled back to Ghana to assist with the final phase of the building construction. The facility was completed and handed over to the School Principal and the Deputy Regional Director of Education (Brong Ahafo Region) prior to the commencement of the fall 2011 semester.

The facility has provided much needed room to help ease the over-crowding at the senior secondary school. Additionally, the facility has made it possible for school administrators to add on courses to the school’s curriculum that previously were not part of the academic program.

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2009 Medical Supplies to Suma Health Post

In 2006, as part of a reconnaissance trip to Suma Ahenkro, CLT staff visited the Health Post in the village. At the time of the tour, there were no prescription refills in stock for daily health care administration. Additionally, the Health Post did not have basic instruments/equipment such as blood pressure kits, the appropriate hospital beds and other necessary equipment. CLT Inc., in partnership with Honorable Frederick Opare-Ansah (MP for Suhum District) and Medical Missionaries, a non-profit organization in Virginia, obtained and shipped critical medical supplies to Suma. A sea container, with medical supplies valued at approximately $10,000 was shipped and delivered to the Health Post in 2008.

Donations included an assortment of both consumable and non-consumable Medical Supplies including stethoscopes, IV supplies, beds, mattresses, emergency kits, life pack defibrillator etc.

The supplies were turned over to the Suma Ahenkro Health Post by the CLT Ghana National Director. The village chief, his elders, the District Health Director, and the Health Post Staff were at the ceremony to express their appreciation. Most of the (non-consumable) items donated are still currently being utilized at the facility.

View Pictures from the 2009 Medical Supplies to Suma Health Post