Future Initiatives

Alternative Income

This program will focus on helping parents find sustainable sources of income to provide for their families. This will help free up the children from having to work on the farms to support the family and therefore, they will have the chance to pursue careers they have dreamed of. Recognizing that parents want to support their children, this program will provide them with productive and sustainable resources that jump-start alternative income for their families. A list of some targeted areas in shown below:

    • Animal Farming
    • Crop Farming
    • Other Initiatives: Petty Trading, Dress Making, Carpentry, Masonry.

These initiatives described above will also be made available to talented and capable young adults in these communities who often lack opportunities for vocational training after completion of their basic education. We will work with local citizens to explore opportunities available for developing vocational and other self-help programs. The skills acquired from such programs will become part of the long-term solution for the needs of their greater community.

CLT will work with local citizens to develop small emerging centers and provide on-the-job training in various trades that are driven by the economy prevalent in this region.

Community Health Facilities

A major health care challenge for rural areas is a lack of access to medical facilities. Because clinics and hospitals are located in the large urban cities, people living in outlying areas need to travel several miles to the next available facility in order to receive treatment for various life-threatening ailments. In many cases, individuals and families cannot afford the cost of travel to these facilities. This prevents them from obtaining the basic but vital health care they need.

CLT Inc. has long term plans of building new clinic facilities in villages where these facilities are non-existent. Health care facilities provide primary health care services, community health workshops, medical referrals, and basic pharmaceutical services, helping to reduce the occurrence of preventable diseases.

Cataract Surgical Intervention

As part of expanding CLT’s current Eye Care Program, the next eye care intervention focus will include sponsoring and conducting cataract surgeries. These 1 hour surgeries provide life changing impacts. A lot of the eye disease complications and blindness that has been prevalent in this area stems from cataract conditions.