2012 Eye Clinic in Suma Ahenkro

Conducted a 3-day Eye Clinic in Suma Ahenkro providing eye care for presbyopia patients

CLT, Inc., in partnership with Van-J Optical Services, conducted a 3-day Eye Clinic in Suma Ahenkro providing eye care for presbyopia patients. Approximately 250 patients were screened and received brand-new eyeglasses at no cost to them. In Ghana, there are currently less than 300 optometrists serving a population of over 24 million.

Presbyopia affects most adults over the age of 40. In rural areas of developing nations, those who experience the increased severity of presbyopia, have great difficulty performing some of the everyday tasks, such as sewing, knitting, cooking, winnowing grain, sorting rice, weeding, dressing children, and lighting and adjusting lamps and so on. This significantly impacts the quality of life and overall productivity. Adult literacy is also impeded due to untreated presbyopia.

Eyeglasses can effectively correct presbyopia. However, in Suma Ahenkro, most residents with this condition cannot afford eyeglasses. It has been established that presbyopia is the “most common cause of vision impairment and the second most common cause of blindness in the world”. This is the reason CLT Inc. is taking this groundbreaking approach to addressing this condition with an unprecedented eye care initiative by providing eye care services to Suma Ahenkro. This is the first time, in the history of Suma Ahenkro, that a short-term eye clinic has been conducted in the village. CLT Inc. expresses our sincere thanks to Van-J Optical Services for providing the eye care professionals needed to accomplish this mission.

2012 Eye Clinic Photo Gallery

2012 Eye Clinic Photo Gallery