Legacy Giving


Leaving a Legacy 

Whether it’s a specific amount or a percentage of your estate, your gift will help continue to fund the work Changing Lives Together Incorporated is doing both in Ghana and in the United States.

Your will or living trust is a legal document that you might seek assistance from an attorney to create. The following sample language is provided to help you and your legal professional in preparing your bequest to Change Lives Together Incorporated

“I [Name] of [City, State & Zip Code] bequeath the sum of $_________ (a dollar amount) or _______ percent of my estate in cash, securities, or other property to Changing Lives Together Incorporated  (Tax ID 87-0756521)—a nonprofit corporation with a business address of PO BOX 1565, Folsom, CA 95763—for the benefit of Changing Lives Together Incorporated, for its unrestricted use and purpose”

Your gift will be unrestricted unless directed for a specific purpose by separate instructions.

In the event that you do include Changing Lives Together Incorporated as a beneficiary in your will or estate plan, we would appreciate it if you do share your intentions with us so that we would have the opportunity to express our appreciation for your kindness and generosity.

Non Cash Assets

Donating certain non-cash assets like real estate can provide significant tax benefits while advancing our mission. Please call us or email info@changinglivestogether.org and share your generous intentions with us and we will work through the process with you.

If you have questions about Legacy giving to CLT, please fill out your name, email, and phone number below, include a message in the comment box, and click submit. Thank you

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