Education Program

CLT’s education program addresses the core challenges preventing children from obtaining a strong basic education; a critical component for fighting poverty.

CLT’s education program addresses the core challenges preventing children from obtaining a strong basic education; a critical component for fighting poverty. The program provides sponsorships for children whilst addressing infrastructure, energy & utility, equipment, and information system’s needs. Specific programs are defined and developed for each community depending on their uniquely identified needs. Project areas usually include the following:

Infrastructure: These specifically address the lack of adequate and safe buildings and the overcrowding of classrooms. Sometimes, classrooms are packed to twice the capacity they were built for. A variety of projects including classroom remodeling, new classroom construction, library facility construction, and furnishing are conducted.

Energy Projects: These projects address the lack of reliable power sources for schools. On the average, electric power supply to schools is interrupted approximately 50% of the time, whilst power costs continue to rise (300% in the last 5 years). This creates a very significant challenge for both school administrators and students. The negative impact on students’ performance is staggering. Solar Power Generation projects are the most reliable energy option source for these communities. CLT’s energy projects focus on installing solar energy systems and connecting them to the existing school’s power grid system.

Information Systems (and Equipment) Projects: The use of information technology (IT) has become an integral part of the education process. The absence of IT systems infrastructure and the non-exposure to IT systems has placed students in these rural schools, decades behind their counterparts in urban and more affluent areas. Most of the rural schools we work in have no basic PCs or IT systems. CLT’s information systems projects will provide and install computers in schools to allow this very important curriculum to be incorporated into the rural school’s curriculum.

Child Sponsorship (Save-A-Class): These projects provide the opportunity to support children in these communities

The Save-A-Class program is structured to ensure that no child is left behind.

Students lack such basic supplies as note pads and exercise books, pencils and pens, etc. Furniture is not available to all students due to broken furniture. The crushing poverty and difficult conditions often lead students to drop out of school and as many of the students don’t make it past elementary school

Imagine if your child was the only one without a sponsor, feeling unwanted and unloved. No one wants a child to be left out, or left behind. Through group sponsorships (many different individuals coming together and sponsoring one child or more) allows the entire class to receive sponsorship assistance.

The Save-A-Class Sponsorships are just $30 a month ie with $1/day you can help change the lives of an entire class. Plus group sponsorship allows discounted prices by buying in larger quantities so your giving goes even further.

Your sponsorship supports the children by providing necessities most families in the areas where we serve, simply cannot afford.

  • Note pads, exercise books, pencils, and pens
  • Furniture
  • Hot lunches twice a week
  • 2 sets of school uniforms (required in public schools)

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