Global Outreach

GO is CLT’s international initiative to share Christ’s love in tangible ways, in some of the world’s poorest communities in rural Ghana. Annually, CLT partners with different teams of volunteers who travel with us to rural Ghana to conduct specific need-based projects. They provide much needed assistance to these communities. The teams also conduct a range of outreach activities that focus on reaching all age groups within the communities with the gospel message.

CLT understands it is vitally important to begin to raise and, nurture tomorrow’s Christian leaders (who will carry on the torch of the gospel) whilst we simultaneously focus on growing the faith of the youth, young adults and the older generation. Therefore the foundation and structure of the Global Outreach Program is based on this goal.

Multiple avenues and approaches are utilized to share the gospel message. These include kid’s ministry events, student campus outreaches, sports camps, community events, need-based service projects, gospel crusades, and home visits. CLT partners with churches in these rural communities in conducting these outreaches. The input of local churches is always valuable for the successful planning and implementation of these outreaches campaigns. The participation of the local churches is also key to the success of the “post-outreach” phase (after our teams leave) as they are best positioned (and are most effective) to conduct long term on-going follow-up and discipleship of the new believers who are born into Christ as a result of the outreach events. Follow-up (nurturing, discipling and mentoring) and establishment of new believers in the body of Christ is a critical component of CLTs global outreach structure. CLT collaborates with local churches in the communities we serve on this “post-outreach” phase.

With the urgency of reaching all people (and all generations) with the gospel, CLT’s Global Outreach Initiative is tailored to reach all these groups. Programs are prayerfully planned and developed to utilize an approach that best communicates the gospel to each of these groups.

Generational Groups & Outreach Methods

Deliberate planning and development of outreach methods take into consideration the various generational groups to be reached. Therefore hybrid approaches, utilizing multiple methods are employed for the annual CLT Global Outreaches. The various generational groups CLT targets, and the basic outreach methods employed are listed below.

Elementary (K-11): Mascot Shows, Gospel Skits, Gospel Movie Events and Kids Animated Bible Study Groups

Youth (12-17): Sports Camps, Gospel Movie Events, Topical bible study focus groups

High-Schoolers & Young Adults (Mosaics 18-25): Volunteer Subject Tutoring Programs, Sports Camps, Gospel Movie Events, Topical bible study focus groups

Young Adults & Middle Aged (Busters 26-44): Gospel Movie Events, Topical bible study focus groups, Gospel Crusade Meetings

Boomers (45-63): Home Visitation and Gospel Crusade Meetings

Elders (+64): Home Visitation and Gospel Crusade Meetings

CLT utilizes the Village Adoption model in reaching out through our Global Outreach Program by helping the poor and disciplining the nations. To learn more about our approach and the entire program, please download and read our Ministry Plan.